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By Content provided by Keysight on OCTOBER 5, 2017

While the technologies that will constitute 5G are still being worked on, the ITU-R has identified three main usage scenarios for 5G: Enhanced mobile broadband with up to 20 Gbps peak data rate, massive machine-type communications, and ultra-reliable and low latency communications. To meet the requirements for this next generation of mobile communications, researchers are looking to a wide range of enabling technologies in RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave frequencies – ranging from advanced waveforms and multiple access schemes to multiple antenna techniques such as massive MIMO and beamforming.

In 5G design and test, our solutions help you innovate across new and existing technologies as you transform ideas into reality. The race is on and Keysight will help you take the lead—from evolution to revolution to reality.

  • Explore new signals, scenarios and topologies with SystemVue simulation libraries for 5G test. 
  • Create the system you need for 5G test—faster—with reference solutions to test areas such as channel sounding, new waveforms and wideband mmWave systems. 
  • Push 5G I/O performance goals forward with high performance oscilloscopes providing gigabit digital views into time and frequency domains. 

We can also advise, assist and augment your teams: all around the world, you can tap into the expertise of Keysight consultants and application engineers who are deeply familiar with the latest wireless technologies. Our expertise is also readily available through white papers, application notes and webcasts posted here.

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Amanda Duffy